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20 Best Indoor Plants | Perfect Plants for House and Office

You are very lucky if you have got a backyard or an open space in your house for plantation & gardening. When your house is small & you are nature lover & gardening enthusiast it might be pinching you to do something to have some green thumb at your lovely home. By doing so you will not just get happiness it will also enhance interiors & positive vibes will be an added advantage. Being a gardener I'm confident that you will find this blog useful. Today we are going to learn about few best indoor plants for your house or for your work place. Are you excited to learn about low maintenance indoor plants? Don't wait much & get few of them to your home today. Here are the top 20 Indoor Plants which are perfect for any place where direct sunlight is not available-

1. Philodendron Ceylon Golden

Buy Philodendron Ceylon Golden

About Plant- Philodendron Ceylon Golden is a beautiful and pleasant indoor plant. It likes bright indirect light. Use well-drained soil for this plant. It also needs high nutrient nitrogen. It brings prosperity and good luck. It fills the house with greenery. No need too much watering in this plant. This is one of the most common household plants.

Philodendron Ceylon Golden Care

Light- Philodendron Ceylon Golden Plant can survive both indirect light and partial shade, but don't keep it a full day in direct sunlight, rather than leaves can burn.

Soil- Philodendron Ceylon Golden Plant grows in any soil, but It will grow better in a fertile and loamy soil.

Water- Give water when the soil feels dry. Too much watering destroys the plant.

Temperature- The money plant is nicely grown in temperatures between 65 to 80 degrees.

Fertilizer- Feed once a month in the spring and summer when it is producing new leaves with a water-soluble, well-balanced plant food at half the recommended strength.

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