Garden Pressure Sprayer

Garden Pressure Sprayer

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Garden Pressure Sprayer - 1 pc


The most important goal in the application of agricultural pesticides is to get uniform distribution of the chemicals throughout the crop foliage. Underdosing may not give the desired coverage and control needed. Overdosing is expensive as it wastes pesticide and increases the potential for groundwater contamination.

Garden sprayers are very useful tools for the garden. They are used to apply a range of liquids from plain water to various chemical including insecticides, fungicides and herbicides. Having the right sprayer and knowing how to use it cannot only make your gardening easier and more successful, it can reduce the use of chemicals.

Sprayers are designed to deliver a liquid, but sometimes the product you need is a powder or granule. Some dry products need to dissolve first to be used in a sprayer. Check the product label to make sure it is intended for use in this manner and follow the directions for dilution. The problem requires a spray pick the right kind of sprayer for the job at hand.

Hand operated sprayers are most commonly used by individuals for their own relatively small pest problems. However, the commercial applicator will often find it convenient and efficient to have garden sprayers for small jobs that do not require larger powered equipment or that require only a small amount of spray. They are also used for small jobs in hard-to-get-at areas where the spray equipment must be carried in. Garden pressure sprayers use carbon dioxide or compressed air to force the spray liquid through a nozzle. These sprayers may be available for use with single or multiple nozzle systems. The capacity of garden sprayers generally ranges from one-half to five gallons.

Here are some of the advantages of sprayers. Hand sprayers are economical, uncomplicated, light-weight yet will do a surprising amount of work and adapt too many different problems. The spray is easily controlled when it comes to direction, drift, etc because the relatively little spray is used at low pressure.

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Surya Ramesh

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Thank you for the healthy plant.

Surya Ramesh

The delicate orchids reached me just as I would have transported it myself! Thank you for the healthy plants.

Surya Ramesh

The plants healthy, delivered in excellent condition and on time.

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