Nursery Plastic Pot 5 inch (Set of 20 Pots)

Nursery Plastic Pot 5 inch (Set of 20 Pots)


Product Dimension :

Product Height: 13 cm

Product Length: 13 cm

Product Width: 13 cm


In today's concrete world, we do not find sufficient space to sow the seeds in the ground. So, pots are used to grow plants in the available space. Generally, we use Decorative Pots made of metal to grow plants. No doubt, these pots beautify your house. But directly placing the plants in the metal pot decreases its durability. To make the metal planters more durable we suggest using secondary pots.

These pots are made of premium quality recycled Thermo Plastic. You can place the plants directly inside these secondary pots. They help in increasing the durability of the metal pots by avoiding the direct contact of metal with the soil. These pots are of 5-inch width and 5-inch height. You can easily grow plants in these secondary pots.


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