Window Planters for Home Decorations (White) - 16 inches

Window Planters for Home Decorations (White) - 16 inches



length: 41 cm

Width : 19 cm

Height: 20 cm

Material: Plastic


Gardening is one of the best hobbies one should have. Maintaining a small home garden keep you relaxed. If you have got enough ground it is well and good to grow the plants. But if you are living in an apartment and planning to grow plants, it is suggested to select a right type of pots and right size of pots.

In order to help you in maintaining a small garden, we have introduced this astonishing range of Window Planters with attractive colors. They can be used both indoor as well as outdoor. It does not occupy much space in your household. These planters enhance the beauty of the place on one hand and on the other hand, give a dignified appearance to the guests.

These are made out of top quality virgin plastic which lasts for many years. They are lightweight pots which can be maintained easily with minimal effort.



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