Frequently asked questions

What kind of saplings do we offer?

We have wide range of collection of plants. You name a plant and we have it. Sometimes you might not find some in our list, write us on reach@saplings.live we'll get it for you.

Do we have Garden Accessories too?

Yes. We have products for all the Garden needs-

  1. Pots & Planters
  2. Gardening Tools
  3. Plant Food & Growth Boosters
  4. Garden Decore miniatures

Do we get free Pots/Planters?

YES. Planter filled with manure comes free along with every plant purchase. Basically we do re-potting before delivering the product to you.

Is return & Exchange possible?

YES. We double check products before delivering still in case of any damage or deffect you can return or exchange. Read our Shipping & return policy. Here

How do you assure safe delivery of live plants?

We generally deliver plants in open boxes to avoid risk of damage of plants in the packing. We pick the plants from nursery & deliver same day, don't keep it packed in boxes unlike other nurseries who pack the plants in the boxes & it takes days or weeks in transit.