20 Best Cactus Plants | Must Have

Updated: May 1, 2021

Info About Cactuses and Their History -

A cactus is a great addition to the home thanks to its striking shape, size and flowers.

The History of cactus is unique and The name cactus official name Cactaceae is derived from the Greek word 'kaktos', which means 'spiky plant'. Native to the Americas (a large territory in North and South America with a strong concentration in Mexico) and typically found in areas subject to drought, cacti or cactuses and they are totally adapted as they can live in extreme conditions with the most minimalistic presence of water too.

Although they might be slow in terms of growing, a cactus plant is fairly self-sustaining as it stores moisture in its roots, leaves and stems, and so largely regulates its own food intake.

Before choosing a cactus plant for your home; first you should understand, it's need and how it refreshes your mind. So, let's get started-

Why you should crave for Cactus?

1. Reduces Stress:-

There have been many studies on the reduction of stress and even with the effects of plants. A study in 2010 has shown that cacti plants have the following effects; 37% reduction in tension/anxiety,58% reduction in depression/dejection,44% reduction in hostility/anger,38% reduction in fatigue. If you had a couple or even just one cactus in your home or workplace it could reduce all of these factors which not only help you in household.

2. Improves the air quality:-

if you grow a cactus as a ratio of 1 cactus per 3 person you could reduce co2 levels by 50% as well as a reduction in the dust and bacteria build up which would otherwise be inhaled. There are also toxins within an home that are created by plastics, paint, furniture carpets and certain cleaning products that are reduced significantly by plants. Just place the cacti plant in favourable place like windowsill, kitchen table etc.

3. It is Extremely Low Maintenance:

Aside from looking pretty, These make great indoor plants as they are very low maintenance, only needing to be watered every 5 days or so, this is why you should always cacti when it comes to plant.

4. Reduces Noise:-

One that you most likely will not know is their ability to reduce ambient noise within the house by 5 decibels! Less distractions means more concentration this will be beneficial for kids by this they can be more attentive on their studies.