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The Best 20 Low Maintenance Plants!

Updated: May 1, 2021

Low Maintenance Plants, their List of Benefits, Perks and the Reason Why you shall acclaim these at your ease:-

Sometimes We just want to enjoy the exquisite beauty in our garden and you don't always want to get down towards the gardening business. And also it would be really nice if you did not have to maintain your garden as much and have to put in the hard work, Well worry no more as today we are going to talk about some of the finest Low Maintenance plants that you can attain at your household.

Well that is why we clearly know that Low maintenance plants are really great for working individuals, For old aged people and people who simply want to admire the beauty of nature and do not want to put in hard work for the source of the nature, And that is why here is the list of perks and benefits that you must pry your eyes upon of attaining the Low maintenance plants at your house.

The Best 20 Low Maintenance Plants

Benefits of low- maintenance plants:-

Easy to maintain:-

The name suggests its nature. The main benefit of placing these plants in your house is their low cost of maintenance. As these plants don't require any fertilizers, seeds, and not even water on a regular basis. You just need to place this in a favorable location and water them likely every three days.

Improves immune system:-

The plants not only improve your mental health. Your physical health does too.

Plants also do help to give the immune system a much-needed boost that it needs, Also especially during flu season. It would be a great addition to your home, especially in these days.

Improve learning abilities:-

Plants also help to boost your learning capabilities. This is certainly linked to productivity. these type of plants can easily help you in boosting your focus and mindset in crucial times of work and study for individuals.

No-toxic parts:-

Many people are not aware that, most of the plants and flora types have toxic elements in their parts. But the thing is different with low maintenance plants, as these plants don't have any toxic parts and are completely safe to be placed in the home.

These are the benefits of low-maintenance plants. Now, our editor has picked and created a list of the best low-maintenance plants along with a description. Here are those:-

20 Best Low Maintenance plants:-

1 Cosmos:-

Cosmos is named by priests in Mexico because of their evenly placed, orderly petals,These ones grow pretty easily and they full bloom mostly in the autumn season.

20 Best Low Maintenance Plants - Cosmos Flowering Plant
Cosmos Flowering Plant

2 Hosta:-

These are surely among the most long lasting ones but surely do keep in mind that these may attract slugs too.

20 Best Low Maintenance
Hosta Plant

3 Peonies:-

Peonies might attract ants, But they have budding heads and look extremely pretty and can give a great look and feel to your garden house.

20 Best Low Maintenance Plant - Poeny Plant
Poeny Plant

4 Dwarf daffodils:

Gardeners surely love these flowers because they keep the rats and moles away and are really beautiful to the humanly glance.

20 Best Low Maintenance Plant - Dwarf Daffodils
Dwarf Daffodils

5 Coneflower:-

Coneflowers are just like cones, pretty, extravagant and really soothing to the eyes.

20 Best Low Maintenance Plant - Cone Flower Plant
Cone Flower Plant

6 Heuchera:-

They surely are the perfect plants as you can even keep them in containers and bloom further.

20 Best Low Maintenance Plant - Heuchera Plant
Heuchera Plant

7 Black Mondo Grass:-

These are the ones that are surely ideal for small gardens as they bloom nicely and grow up to 10 inches.

20 Best Low Maintenance Plant - Black Mando Grass
Black Mando Grass

8 Hydrangeas:-

They are easy to grow and can adapt to any container and they require minimal touch up to them.

20 Best Low Maintenance Plant - Hydrangeas Flowering Plant
Hydrangeas Flowering Plant

9 Euphorbia:

These ones are really beautiful but slightly poisonous and keep rats and slugs as well as moles at the bay.

10 Fatsia Japonica:- This surely is one of the most exotic plants that you see and really gives out some nice shades to the experience.

20 Best Low Maintenance Plant -Fatsia Japonica
Fatsia Japonica

11 Sansevieria trifasciata 'Hahnii' Plant:-

Sansevieria trifasciata 'Hahnii' is a lovely, short growing form of Sansevieria trifasciata which remains less than a foot (30 cm) high as it sends out new shoots, and spreads into a cluster of leafy funnels.

12 Spotted Laurel (Dracaena surculosa aurea):-

Contains Shiny leaves and has few dark spots to it, Quite pretty to the glance.

13 Zamioculas Zamifolia (ZZ) Plant:-

Looking for a low-maintenance houseplant to spruce up your space without a big commitment? Look no further than the infamous ZZ plant, also known as the zanzibar gem! Characterized by their shiny, oval-shaped deep green leaves.

14 Variegated Rubber Plant:-

Ficus elastica, also known as a rubber plant, is an odd-looking plant from the tropics of Southeast Asia with huge, soft leaves and an exotic name. It is a variegated form. It can grow to 50 feet with an enormous canopy of draping, foot-long oval leaves.

15 Spirea:-

A Beautiful and perfect Shrub plant.

20 Best Low Maintenance Plant - Spirea Shurb Plant
Spirea shurb Plant

16 Cleome Hassleriana:-

Very Vibrant and has Spiky clusters to it.

20 Best Low Maintenance plant - Cleome Hassleriana
Cleome Hassleriana

17 Dusty Miller:-

Icy looking and has thriving shades to it.

20 Best Low Maintenance plant - Dusty Miller
Dusty Miller (Spider Wort)

18 Knock-Out Roses:-

Available in 3 colors and gives a great look to your garden space.

20 Best Low Maintenance Plant - Knock-Out Roses
Knock-Out Roses

19 Butterfly Bush:-

These are surely summer loving and have really radiant experience to it.

20 Best Low Maintenance Plant - Butterfly Bush
Butterfly Bush

20 Ribbon moisture (Spider Plant):-

These ones have blades and they spread radiantly and quite well in terms of their blooming.

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