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Zamioculas Zamifolia (ZZ) Plant

Zamioculas Zamifolia (ZZ) Plant

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Zamioculas Zamifolia (ZZ) Plant -  1 pc

Grower black – 1 pc

  • About Plant- Looking for a low-maintenance houseplant to spruce up your space without a big commitment? Look no further than the infamous ZZ plant, also known as the zanzibar gem! Characterized by their shiny, oval-shaped deep green leaves, ZZ plants make excellent additions to any home or office. 


    Zamioculas Zamifolia (ZZ) Plant Care


    Light- ZZ plants are tolerant of a wide range of lighting conditions which makes them well-suited to indoor growing. While ZZ plants can ‘technically’ survive without any natural light, they do best in bright, indirect light.


    Soil- ZZ plants are not overly picky about their potting medium as long as it is well-draining. Most standard potting mixes should be sufficient for your ZZ plant.


    Water- ZZ plants are extremely drought-tolerant and can handle infrequent watering. In general, ZZ plants should be watered once the soil dries out completely—usually once every week or two depending on their growing conditions.


    Temperature and Humidity- Average household temperatures and humidity are fine for ZZ plants. In general, ZZ plants do not tolerate cold temperatures well (no lower than 45F). ZZ plants don't require humid conditions, but if your home runs on the dry side consider increasing the humidity around your ZZ plant by purchasing a humidifier or placing it on top of a water tray.


    Fertilizer- Generally, ZZ plants do not require regular fertilizing to thrive. However, to keep the plant in optimal health, fertilize your ZZ plant with indoor plant fertilizer diluted to half-strength one to two times during its active growing season.


    Potting and Repotting- ZZ plants should be repotted only once they have outgrown their previous potting container. This is usually evident by the rhizomes under the soil pressing up against the edge of the container or warping the shape of the container.


    Propagation- ZZ plants propagate in two main ways: through division, and through leaf cuttings. Propagation by division is the simplest way to create more ZZ plants. Alternatively, Take a cutting from a mature ZZ plant that has at least two leaves and a portion of the stem and plant it in a well-draining soil mix.