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Cranberry Hibiscus Plant

Cranberry Hibiscus Plant

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Cranberry Hibiscus Plant - 1 pcs

Black Grower Container - 1 pcs

  • About Plant - Hibiscus acetosella, the cranberry hibiscus, is a somewhat upright, shrubby plant that is grown mainly for its flashy foliage, which can come in stunning shades of copper and burgundy that rival red maples.

    Common Names

    False Roselle, African Rose Mallow


    Cranberry hibiscus Plant Care-

    Light - Hibiscus acetosella grows best in full sun to partial shade.

    Soil- If you're growing your hibiscus plant in a container, use a well-drained potting mix as the soil, preferably one formulated for tropical plants. Outdoors, your soil should have lots of organic matter.

    Water - Their biggest need is water. Keep the plants moist, but don’t allow them to sit in wet soil.

    Fertilizer- Fertilize monthly to bi-monthly during the summer, with any balanced fertilizer.