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Ming Aralia (Polyscias Fruticosa)

Ming Aralia (Polyscias Fruticosa)

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Ming Aralia Plant -  1 pc

Grower black – 1 pc

  • About Plant- Ming Aralia plant is a very beautiful indoor plant & can be kept outdoor also. It forms a bushy football-like shape. It can be given different shapes by cutting it. This plant can survive years & years.Its ferny, feathery foliage droops from graceful narrow branches that grow straight up in mature plants to form a many-layered, complex plant. A Variegated Ming aralia grows slowly but can reach over 6 feet in height. You can also use this plant for bonsai if you want an exotic miniature.


    Ming Aralia Plant Care


    Light- The Ming aralia likes bright, indirect light. It can handle light shade.


    Water- Keep the plant moist in growing season, and cut back to watering every other week in the winter. High humidity is essential, so provide plenty of humidity year-round.


    Temperature- This plant likes it warm, between 55 F and 60 F in the winter. Avoid cold, dry drafts.


    Soil- Rich, loose potting media is best.


    Fertilizer- Use liquid fertilizer throughout the growing period, or pellets in the spring.


    Propagation- The Ming aralia can be propagated through cuttings. Take green-stem cuttings and use a rooting hormone for best success.