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Money Plant Variegated Hanging (Heartleaf Philodendron)

Money Plant Variegated Hanging (Heartleaf Philodendron)

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Philodendron Heartleaf Variegated 'Hanging' -  1 pc

Grower black - 1 pc

  • About Plant- Philodendron Heartleaf Variegated is hardy, drought tolerant and a low maintenance air purifier houseplant which does not require to be fed or watered frequently and does exceedingly well in low light indoor conditions. ... It is a air purifier plant which removes formaldehyde from the indoor air.


    Philodendron Heartleaf Variegated Care


    Light- Make sure to keep Heartshaped Philodendrons out of direct sunlight – they will burn. Medium or bright indirect light is your best bet, however your Heartshaped Philo will tolerate lowlight conditions.


    Temperature- Temperatures between 24-27 degrees Celcius during the day and 13 degrees Celsius in the evening will provide the best environment for your plant to thrive.


    Soil- Use a quick draining, well-aerated potting soil.


    Watering- Give your plant a good soaking and then allow the top half of the soil to dry out before watering again. Yellow leaves indicate over-watering and brown leaves mean that your plant needs more water.


    Propagation- Heartleaf Philodendrons are quite easy to propagate using stem cuttings. Ensure that the cutting has four or five nubs on it. Nubs are the small bumps where the leaves meet the stem. This is where roots will eventually grow from.


    Fertilizer- They are fast-growing plants and should be fertilized monthly with a half-strength solution of houseplant food in the spring and summer and every other month in fall and winter. Alternately, fertilize every three to four months.