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Aparajita ( Clitoria Ternatea ) Flowering Plant

Aparajita ( Clitoria Ternatea ) Flowering Plant

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Aparajita Flowering Plant - 1pc

Grower Black – 1pc

  • About Plants - Butterfly pea is a beautiful flowering plant. It is a flowering vine native to tropical Asian and African countries. The specific name butterfly pea is given to this vine due to its beautiful blue or purple flowers, which resembles a small butterfly. Another significance is that a pea-like seed pod develops after fertilization.


    Light- Most aparajita varieties prefer full sun, meaning at least six hours of direct sunlight on most days. But in the heat of summer, partial shade (especially from strong afternoon sun) will help to keep them refreshed and blooming better.


    Soil- Aprajitas plants like well drained sandy soil.


    Water- Like many flowering annuals, aprajitas don’t like to be dry for long periods. But they also don’t like to sit in soggy soil, which can rot their roots. 


    Temperature and Humidity- The ideal temperatures for petunias are roughly 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit at night.


    Fertilizer- Feed aparajitas at the time of planting with a balanced fertilizer. It’s also helpful to work some compost into the soil.