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Guzmania Lingulata Bromeliad Plant

Guzmania Lingulata Bromeliad Plant

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Guzmania Lingulata Bromeliad Plant – 1 pc

Grower black – 1 pc

  • About Plant-Guzmania lingulata (Scarlet Star) is a beautiful plant. It is a tropical plant. This gorgeous plant is one of the most common house plants from the Bromeliad family. It is wonderfully stunning tabletop plants. This feature long, narrow, shiny green leaves that arise from a deep central cup. Its large and showy flower bracts arise in the summer in an amazing array of colors.


    Guzmania Lingulata Bromeliad Plant Care


    Light- Indirect light or moderate shade. Do not expose to direct sunlight.


    Water- Keep water in the central cup. Change water frequently to prevent rot. Avoid tap water if possible. During colder weather, they can be watered lightly in the soil with a dry cup.


    Temperature- Aim for at least 55 F or higher. These are warm-house bromeliads that appreciate high humidity and warmth.


    Soil- Bromeliad and Orchid mix, you can use them. Or Any soil mix will work fine. These are technically air plants that use their roots for support.


    Fertilizer- Fertilize very sparingly with a liquid fertilizer during the growing season.


    Propagation- Cut off the offsets (pups) when they reach 3 in (7.5 cm) tall and plant them in fresh, barely moist potting mix. Maintain high humidity for the pups for the first month.