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20 Best Office Plants to Create a Vibrant Aura !

Updated: May 1, 2021

Office Plants, Why You Should Keep Office Plants, And the List of the Finest Ones:-

Best Office Plants
An Office Like a Dream

Office life usually consists of being so busy you forget to eat lunch, wrapping up in a blanket in the frigid temperatures, and totally abandoning everything the second 5 pm rolls around on Friday. But that doesn't mean you can't incorporate a little life into your space. A plant—particularly a low-maintenance houseplant that can thrive in lower light and bounce back after a missed watering or two—is a great way to add color and warmth to even the most boring of cubicles. Sticking with an easy-to-care-for plant means you don't have to stress about its survival alongside your workload, which is definitely important.

Whether you're lucky enough to have a sunny office or you're stuck in a dark corner cubicle, plants will thrive at your job—even if you feel like you aren't. However it's true that there are thousands of varieties of plants, and choosing a perfect one for the office is kinda difficult especially if you are a novice in gardening. That's today we list some of the best plants for office that you can pick just after this article but before listing plants you should understand how plants are beneficial for the office.

Why choose plants for your office:-

Reduces infection transmission:-

Plants naturally filter toxins from the rooms that they grow in and help freshen up the place. If your office has poor ventilation that you should definitely opt for plants that are known air purifiers as they will help everyone in the office breathe a little easier. This will create a healthy environment in the office.

Enhances the workplace:-

Plants add that natural connection that humans crave so if a company is lacking in that and natural light, we subconsciously move away from what we see as sterile and bland.

Heightens creativity:-

It’s been found that offices sporting natural elements have their creativity boosted by about 15% than those without. As nature relaxes people and allows them to concentrate better, it shifts our brains into a different type of processing mode.

Vision Clearance:-

When your plan to put plants in your office, you know you're doing great for your employees. As along with other benefits the plants also help your eyes to feel relaxed. Imagine sitting for a long amount of time on a computer screen and then taking a break and seeing greenery in your office. Isn't it great? Refreshing?

These are the benefits of choosing plants for your office place. Now our editor has picked some of the best plants for your office that you can choose from.

Best 20 Office plants:-

1. Jade Plant:-

It is a small, succulent plant with small flowers which require minimal watering.

In Japanese folklore, the jade plant is known as the “money plant.” Legend has its presence brings financial success.

2. African Violet:-

It is a flowering plant that requires a bit more maintenance than some of the others on this list. However, it takes up very little space, so it can be perfect for small desktops.

Best Office Plants - African Violet
African Violet

3. Peace Lily:-

The peace lily, or Spathiphyllum, is a large, space-filling plant that can also clean the air and it can grow even in low office lightening.

Best Plants for Office - Peace Lily
Peace Lily

4. Chinese evergreen:-

Chinese Evergreen, or Aglaonema, makes a great office plant because it requires very little maintenance. It can also thrive in low light and remove toxins from the air.

5. English Ivy:-

It is also known as Hedera helix, is a clinging evergreen vine that can reduce airborne fecal matter particles and filter out formaldehyde.

6. Parlor Palm:-

It is actually a small palm tree. This plant is ideal for creating a natural separation of space in your office.

7. Snake plant:-

It has leaves that can grow fairly tall. The shooting dark green leaves have bands of a bright yellow-green on the outside. 

8. Gerber Daisy:-

This flowering plant, also known as Gerbera, is a plant that can filter toxins like benzene, a substance that can be emitted by some printing systems.

9. Philodendrons:-

These plants are large climbers, which means they can add some height to small areas. 

10. Cactus:-

are small and come in several different varieties. They do require a significant amount of sunlight, so they are not recommended for dimly lit offices.

11. Dracaena Fragrans Masangeana (Corn Plant) :-

Highly popular, Dracaena fragrans 'Massangeana' (Corn Plant) is a strongly upright, evergreen shrub with a stout tan stem topped by a rosette of long, sword-shaped leaves. It is also listed by NASA as an excellent plant for removing harmful chemicals from the air.

12. Ming Aralia:-

It is a tall, bushy plant. It’s perfect for offices that require a bit of privacy between workstations.

13. Spider Plant:-

This plant, also known as Chlorophytum comosum, is one of the easiest plants to grow indoors.

14. Weeping Fig:-

It is a large plant that can filter pollutants from carpets and furniture, such as formaldehyde and benzene. 

15. ZZ plant:-

It is one of the most low-maintenance plants you can find. In addition, it can add a tropical feel to your space. 

16. Aloe:-

Aloe plants are small enough to easily fit on most desks. They also have air-filtering qualities, with the ability to remove things like formaldehyde and benzene from the air.

17. Umbrella tree:-

It’s perfect for creating office privacy. But there are also smaller dwarf versions for desktops.

18. Fittonia:-

It is sometimes also referred to as the nerve plant or mosaic plant can work well in offices because it actually thrives on fluorescent light.

19. Pothos:-

it is a flowering plant that can fit perfectly on most desktops, though it may require occasional trimming.

20. Ficus Elastica:-

Ficus elastica, also known as a rubber plant, is an odd-looking plant from the tropics of Southeast Asia with huge, soft leaves and an exotic name. In the office, it is an excellent standard plant that thrives with bright light.

Thanks for your read. See you soon.

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