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Jade plant, Dwarf Jade Plant

Jade plant, Dwarf Jade Plant

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Jade plant, Dwarf Jade Plant– 1 pc

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  • About Plant- Dwarf jade is a succulent with small, thick, glossy leaves and burgundy-red stems. It stores water in its trunk and leaves so it can survive without regular watering. If you sometimes forget to water your houseplants, or you are away from home often, it might be just the right houseplant for you.


    Jade Plant or Dwarf Jade Plant Care

    Dwarf jade is a low-maintenance houseplant. you can grow it in a hanging basket ant let it sprawl like a waterfall instead of growing it as an upright miniature tree.


    Light- Five to six hours of indirect sunlight and can tolerate partial shade.


    Soil- Excellent soil drainage is crucial for dwarf jade. Recommended soil mixes are potting soil and coarse sand, pumice, or vermiculite in a 2:1 ratio, or cactus potting soil with perlite in a 2:1 ratio.


    Water- Indoors, dwarf jade has very low watering needs.  There is an easy way to check if it needs water: Put your finger into the top inch of soil. If it feels dry, it’s time to water moderately. 

    If you bring dwarf jade outdoors during the summer, it will require more frequent watering, as the soil dries out more quickly outdoors.


    Temperature and Humidity- The ideal room temperature for dwarf jade is between 61 and 71 degrees F.


    Fertilizer- Dwarf jade has moderate fertilization needs. During the growing season, from spring to autumn, apply a standard houseplant fertilizer or a special succulent plant food about once a month. Stop fertilizing during the winter and restart the monthly fertilizing in late winter with a 50% diluted fertilizer.


    Potting and Repotting- Whenever repot Dwarf Jade Plant, hold off on watering it for a week. This allows the roots to dry out and become callous, which is needed for the plant to establish itself.


    Botanical Name Portulacaria afra
    Common Name Dwarf jade plant, elephant bush, miniature jade, porkbush, spekboom
    Plant Type Perennial
    Mature Size Six to eight feet height
    Sun Exposure Full sun to partial shade
    Soil Type Potting soil
    Soil pH 5.6 to 6.5
    Bloom Time Late spring to early summer
    Flower Color White, pink
    Hardiness Zones 9-11
    Native Area South Africa