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Rubber Plant or Ficus elastica

Rubber Plant or Ficus elastica

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Rubber Plant – 1 pc

Grower black – 1 pc

  • About Plant- Ficus elastica, also known as a rubber plant, is an odd-looking plant from the tropics of Southeast Asia with huge, soft leaves and an exotic name. It can grow to 50 feet with an enormous canopy of draping, foot-long oval leaves. Like many ficuses, it has hanging roots and develops flanged trunks over time. In the home, it is an excellent standard plant that thrives with bright light, regular water, warmth, and fertilizer.


    Rubber Plant Care


    Light- Rubber plant requires bright, filtered light and can tolerate morning sun.


    Soil- Rubber plant likes fast-draining potting soil.


    Water- This plant needs to be kept steadily moist soil, so you give frequently water to this plant but let the soil dry slightly to the touch between watering times.


    Temperature and Humidity- The ideal temperatures are 60 to 65 °F at night and 75 to 80 °F during the day.


    Fertilizer- Feed the plant a weak liquid fertilizer throughout the growing season. They are relatively heavy feeders when healthy.


    Propagation- Rubber plants can be propagated from leaf-tip cuttings. 


    Repotting- This ficus grows fairly quickly under good conditions and will need to be repotted every year until the plant reaches its desired size.