Agave Tropicana Plant

Agave Tropicana Plant



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Agave Tropicana Plant– 1 pc

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About Plant- A beautiful small succulent that grows in circular rosette manner. This variety has green, fleshy, tightly overlapping, tongue shaped with white variegation & spiny apex. It is a very attractive plant suitable for room decorations. Agave is grown indoors in fancy decorative pots.


Agave Tropicana Plant Care


Soil- This is belongs to succulent family so use a potting soil mix with a little sand.


Water- This plant needs medium watering. Give water twice in a week.


Light-  Agave tropicana plant can survive in full sun to partial shade. 


Temprature- 15 to 30 degree C.


Fertilizer- Apply standard liquid fertiliser every two weeks.


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