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Deffenbachia Seguine Or Dumb Cane

Deffenbachia Seguine Or Dumb Cane

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Dieffenbachia Plant - 1pcs

Black grower -1pcs

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  • About Plant - Dieffenbachia seguine, is also known as dumbcane or tuftroot.  Dieffenbachias​ feature pointed, ovate leaves in a variety of combinations of green, cream, and white colors. It"s a popular Indoor Plant.


    Plant Care :


    Light: Dieffenbechias do well in shady conditions, but these plants need bright light in the winter season.


    Soil: Use a fast-draining, well-aerated potting mix. Make sure drainage is good to avoid damaging the roots; they should never be left in soggy soil.


    Water:  Dieffenbachias like moisture, and do not want to dry out. Make sure the top of the soil is fully dried out before watering.


    Temperature and Humidity: This plant likes fairly warm conditions, from 65 degrees to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. 


    Fertilizer: For best results, feed regularly (every four to six weeks) with a balanced, diluted fertilizer, such as a 20-20-20.