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Pink quill (Tillandsia cyanea) plant

Pink quill (Tillandsia cyanea) plant

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Pink quill - 1pc

Black grower - 1pc


  • About Plant - The Tillandsia cyanea, which is more commonly known as the pink quill, is an easy-to-care-for, versatile, and robust tropical houseplant. 

    It produces a display of large, long-lasting, showy pink bracts that resemble ink quills, and this is where the inspiration for its common name comes from.


    Pink quill plant care -


    Light: Pink quill plants do best in a sunny spot. However, too much direct and intense afternoon sunlight can burn the foliage.


    Soil: Soil should be particularly well-draining. Spongy and porous orchard bark, or peat moss and leaf mold mixes are popular choices.


    Water: Pink quills don't need as much water as the average houseplant, they do tend to need more than most Tillandsia species.


    Temperature and Humidity: It shouldn't come as a surprise that this tropical species appreciates warm conditions. Ideal minimum temperatures for encouraging blooms are around 75 degrees Fahrenheit.


    Fertilizer: FertilizerFeeding pink quills aren't always necessary for healthy plants. you can give fertilizer to your plant once in the spring season.