Aloe Blizzard Plant

Aloe Blizzard Plant

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About Plant- Aloe 'Blizzard'  is an attractive plant. Aloe is a Tropical plant, and in colder climates is treated as a Houseplant. They come in many varieties, some of which flower,- there are hundreds of them! They cannot survive in temperatures below 10c/55f. The leaves are spiky and fleshy. 'Blizzard' is a very compact, upright plant with strong foliage with bright white variegation and frequent flowering periods. Plants freely produce offsets. The new variety is an Aloe, typically produced as a garden or container plant. Downward hanging flowers grow on spikes, and can be white, yellow, orange or red. They usually appear in Summer, but can be seen irregularly through the year.


Aloe 'Blizzard' Plant Care

Aloe 'Blizzard' is a very forgive plant, and a well-grown plant can be quite beautiful.


Light- Aloe 'Blizzard' plant need strong sun light. It can withstand full summer sun, once acclimated. In winter, provide white light.


Soil- This plant likes free draining soil, so use a fast-draining potting mix with one-third sand or pebbles. 


Water- This plant no need too water. Aloe must never be allowed to sit in stagnant water, and the plant should be carefully monitored to watch for signs of overwatring


Tempature and Humidity-  It prefers warmers tempratures 70 to 85 F ( 21 to 27 C ) but will survive down to 40 F ( 4.5 C ).


Fertilizer- Feed with a succulent fertilizer in the summer only. Suspend feeding in the winter as the plant goes dorment 


Propagation and Repotting-  Carefully remove side soot when It is large enough to handle, cutting it away from the parent plant. Make sure it has some root.


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