Begonia 'Dragon Wing Red' Plant

Begonia 'Dragon Wing Red' Plant



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Begonia 'Dragon Wing Red' Plant - 1 pc

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About Plant- Begonia 'Dragon Wing Red' is famed for its lush and attractive, angel-wing shaped, shiny, dark green foliage and its cascades of dangling clusters of scarlet-red flowers.


Begonia 'Dragon Wing Red' Plant Care


Size and Growth - Dragon wing begonias grow vigorously, but doesn’t grow very high – the maximum height is about 2’ feet. It is very easy to grow and typically forms a bushy mound.


Temperature - This begonia hybrid species is heat-tolerant and continues to bloom and add color to landscapes even during blazing temperatures.

Store the plants in a dormant condition in a cool and dry place through the winter season.


Light - While the cane begonia handles sun or shade and can easily tolerate full sun, it is recommended to provide it partial shade, particularly when the temperature is very high.


Soil - Red begonias thrives in light, rich, moist and well-draining soil. When it comes to soil types, loamy and sandy soils are the best choices for growing the dragon wing.


Water - Begonia ‘Dragon Wing Red’ prefers moist soil, so water the soil adequately and regularly enough to keep the soil moist. However, make sure to not over-water.


Fertilizer - Feed your dragon begonia with a diluted (by half) balanced liquid fertilizer once every two weeks during the spring and summer seasons.


Propagation - The best and simplest way to propagate Begonia ‘Dragon Wing Red’ is through stem cuttings. Division is another method for propagating dragon wings.


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