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Calathea Makoyana (Peacock Plant)

Calathea Makoyana (Peacock Plant)

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Calathea Makoyana (Peacock Plant) – 1 pc


  • About Plant- Calathea Makoyana, also known as peacock plant and cathedral windows, Calathea makoyana features purplish coloring on the undersides of leaves, with white and green on top. It can grow to two feet tall and is often kept as a houseplant. It is highly sensitive to cold, drafts, and sudden temperature fluctuations. It grows best in warm, humid, and well-lit conditions, but it never does well in direct sunlight.


    Calathea Makoyana (Peacock Plant) Care


    Light- Calathea Makoyana grows well in lightshade area. It likes shade or semi-shade light. It can not tolerate direct sunlight.


    Soil- It likes moist, light, well-drained, and porous potting mix soil. This type of soil is best for Calathea Makoyana Plant.


    Water- Need to keep the soil continuously moist throughout the spring and summer, and reduce watering in the winter.


    Temperature and Humidity- It likes high humid atmosphere, and it grows nicely in temperature range between 21 to 24 C. 


    Fertilizer- Calathea plants needs fertilizer frequently, so give liquid-fertilizer every 15days.