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Crassula Falcata 'Propeller Plant'

Crassula Falcata 'Propeller Plant'

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crassula Falcata 'Propeller Plant' – 1 pc


  • About Plant- Crassula Falcata is a slow growing succulent with very-fleshy, gray-green leaves on upright stems. It is easily propagated, and is one of the few succulents that grow well indoors.


    Crassula Falcata 'Properller Plant' Care


    Light- Crassula falcata plant prefers fun sun to partial shade.


    Water- This plant never needs to much water. Avoid overwatering by using the "soak and dry" method.


    Soil- This plant requires porous soil with excellent drainage and can use commercial potting soil mix.


    Fertilizer- This is slow growing succulent and does not need too much feeding.


    Repotting- Carssula does not need repotting for many years.


    Temperature- This succulent prefers average temperature 65 F and 70 F.