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Cryptanthus (Purple Ghost)

Cryptanthus (Purple Ghost)

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Cryptanthus (Purple Ghost) – 1 pc

  • About Plant- Cryptanthus purple ghost commonly known as Earth Star due to its shape, is beautiful and incredibly varied plant that naturally grows in tropical area. Cryptanthus bromeliad is particularly beloved for its beautiful blooms.


    Cryptanthus Plant Care


    Light- Cryptanthus plant needs indirect sunlight or light shade.


    Water- Cryptanthus thrive in humid conditions, and you should make effort to keep it moist. A moderately damp environment is moisture enough for this plant.


    Temperature- It is ideal houseplants. keeping it around 60 to 85 degrees will allow the bromeliad  to thrive.


    Soil- A commercial potting soil is fine. The soil must retain water fairly well for best results.


    Fertilizer: This bromeliad requires fertilization for maximum growth and will thrive on any balanced fertilizer: 10-10-10, 14-14-14, etc.