Dracaena Lisa Plant

Dracaena Lisa Plant



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About Plant- The dracaena plant is a popular ornamental houseplant, grown both indoors and outdoors in subtropical climates. It reaches a height of about three feet indoors, and has a bushy tree type of look. Its glossy leaves can grow up to one foot long and a couple of inches wide.


Dracaena Plant Care


Light- They can withstand light shade, especially they can withstand full sun.


Water- Water regularly; do not let dirt dry out. D. Draco, however, can withstand drier conditions in the winter.


Temperature- Most Dracaena prefers warmer temperatures of 65ºF and higher. D. Draco is the sole exception, able to withstand temperatures down to 50ºF.


Soil- Rich, well-drained potting compost.


Fertilizer- Feed weekly or biweekly during the summer, or use a slow-release fertilizer at the beginning of the season.


Propagation- Dracaena plant can be sprouted from a section of the cane laid on their sides in moist, warm soil. 


Repotting- Repot when necessary, usually every two years or when their potting media is exhausted.


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