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Echeveria  Harmsii (Plush Plant)

Echeveria Harmsii (Plush Plant)

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Echeveria  Harmsii (Plush Plant)– 1 pc

Grower Black – 1 pc

  • About Plant- Echeveria harmsii is a small succulent shurb that form rosettes of light green leaves with red edges atbthe end of the branches. It grow up to 12 inches (30cm) tall and about the same in width. Leaves are flessy , narrow, and up to 1.2 inches (3cm) long. Flowers are bright red with yellow tips, and bell-shaped, and up to 1.2 inches (3cm) long. They appear in spring on slender, up to 4 inches (10cm) long stalks with some scattered leaves.


    Echeveria Harmsii Care


    Soil- Echeveria need potting soil mix thta drains quickely.


    Water- When and how to water is a crucial part of Echeveria care. They do not like to be kept too wet and they also do not like to be kept too dry. The "soak and dry" method is the preferred schedule for watering Echeveria.


    Fertilizer- Echeverias grow well without fertilizer but may benifit from the extra nutrients.


    Light-  These succulent prefers full sun to partial shade. However, try to avoid drastic sun light changes and full afternoon sun, especially in summer. During the winter, when your succulent inside, put them near the brightest window in your home.


    Humidity and Temprature- Echeveria harmsii can withsatnd tempratures as low as 30 to 50 F (-1.1 to 10 C).


    Botanical Name


    Common Names

    Plush plant, Red plant

    Plant Type

    Evergreen succulent

    Mature Size

    12 inches

    Sun Exposure

    Direct light, Partial shade

    Soil Type

    Potting soil mix

    Bloom Time


    Flower Color

    Bright red with yellow tips

    10, 11

    Native Area