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Elephant Bush, Jade Plant 'Hanging'

Elephant Bush, Jade Plant 'Hanging'

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Elephant Bush, Jade Plant Hanging– 1 pc


  • About Plant- Elephant Bush is a slow-growing, much-branched, succulent shrub, up to 10 feet (3 m) tall, with attractive, reddish-brown stems and glossy green leaves. Leaves are smooth, obovate and up to 0.8 inch (2 cm) long. Stems become interwoven as the plant ages. Flowers are small, star-shaped, lavender-pink, and appear in small clusters. This is a perfect plant for hanging.


    Elephant Bush, Jade Plant Care


    Light- Choose a location with indirect sunlight when growing Elephant Bush indoors. Overly bright sunlight can char the leaves and cause them to drop off.


    Soil-These succulents need well-drained soil. The best mixture for this type of plant is cactus soil or potting soil cut by half with sand, vermiculite, or pumice. 


    Water- The most common mistake made in succulent plants is watering. This plant is no need too much watering. In winter the plants are dormant and you may suspend watering.


    Hardiness- USDA hardiness zones 10a to 11 b: from 30 °F (-1.1 °C) to 50 °F 


    Fertilizer- Fertilize in late winter to early spring with an indoor plant fertilizer diluted by half. 


    Propagation- Like most succulents, Elephant Bush is easy to reproduce from cuttings. Take cuttings in spring or summer for the best results. Let the cutting dry out and callous for a couple of days and then plant the cutting in damp gritty soil in a small pot.