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Grasteria Gracilis Succulent

Grasteria Gracilis Succulent

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Grasteria Gracilis Succulent – 1 pc


  • About Plant- Gasteria Gracilis is a slow growing succulent. Its leaves very fleshy, fat, tounge-like, and very variable in color from shiny green to speckled and pale grayish-green. The flowers are reddish-pink and green.  


    Grasteria Gracilis Succulent Care


    Light- This plant likes bright light, but not direct light.


    Soil- Use a cactus mix or very fast-draining potting soil mixed with sand. 


    Temperature- Gasteria Bicolor likes warmer temperatures in the summer but cool in the winter.


    Water- In summer, give water regularly whenever soil is dry, and reduce watering in winter.  


    Fertilizer- Give fertilizer in summer. Don't feed in winter season.