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Huernia Zebrina (Lifesaver Cactus) Plant

Huernia Zebrina (Lifesaver Cactus) Plant

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Huernia Zebrina (Lifesaver Cactus) Plant – 1 pc 
Grower Black – 1 pc 

  • About Plant- Huernia zebrina subsp. insignia fora is a dwarf succulent that forms a clump of erect stems with protruding teeth. The stems are 4-angled and dull grey-green. Flowers grow solitary from the base of young stems on pedicels up to 0.5 inches (1.3 cm) long. Pale rose or ivory, 5-pointed corolla lobes are triangular with long, narrow, attenuating tips. They spread star-like around the shiny, bright red, deep purple, or liver-colored annulus around the flower tube. 


    Huernia Zebrina (Lifesaver Cactus) Plant Care


    Light- Huernias prefer bright light and partial shade.


    Soil- Huernias require a potting mix with excellent draniage.


    Temperature- These succulents grow best between 50 and 80 F (10 and 27 C).


    Water- Plants should be kept dry during the dormant winter season. When Huernias are actively growing, they need to be watered. Allow the soil to dry out onr inch down the container between waterings.


    Fertilizer- During the growing season, high-phosphorous, low-nitrogen fertilizers can be applied at half-strength once a month.