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Ivy Geranium House Plant (White)

Ivy Geranium House Plant (White)

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Ivy Geranium House Plant (White) – 1 pc

Grower black – 1 pc

  • About Plant- The ivy geranium gives gardeners the perfect pelargonium specimen to create lush containers, in or out of bloom. Like other plants in the Pelargonium genus, the ivy geranium is free flowering and low maintenance. Plants grow rapidly during the warm spring months, which allows you to fill up large containers or baskets with smaller, less expensive plants that mature fast.


    Ivy Geranium House Plant (White) Care

    When the greenhouse-grown ivy geranium hanging baskets hit the garden centers in the spring, they can be hard to resist. The cool temperatures and bright sunshine of spring trigger a heavy flush of blooms borne in loose clusters all over the plants. 


    Light- Full sun is necessary for good leaf color and flower production. Partial sun can help plants cope with high summer temperatures, but four to six hours is best for ample blooming.


    Soil- A loam or sandy loam provides the drainage and root aeration that ivy geraniums need. Having a rich soil is not as important as a loose, draining soil.


    Water- Ivy geraniums like regular watering, but not soggy conditions. Allow the surface of the soil to dry out between waterings.


    Temperature and Humidity- Ivy geranium plants like moderate temperatures in the summer. A heat wave will not kill the plants, but flowering will slow or stop during the dog days of summer. 

    Average to low humidity is best for thriving ivy geraniums. High humidity can set the stage for fungal diseases.


    Fertilizer- Ivy geraniums are not heavy feeders, but a light, continuous feeding will increase the bloom count of the plants.


    Potting and Repotting- When handling ivy geranium plants during the potting process, try to hold the plants by the root ball.


    Pruning- When your ivy geranium starts to look leggy, prune it back by about half. This will create a more dense, bushy plant, and will also spur a new flush of blooms.


    Botanical Name Pelargonium peltatum
    Common Name Ivy geranium, trailing geranium, ivy-leafed geranium
    Plant Type Perennial
    Mature Size 12 to 30 inches
    Sun Exposure Full sun
    Soil Type Moist, well-drained
    Soil pH Slightly acidic to slightly alkaline; 6.5 to 7.5
    Bloom Time Spring, summer, fall
    Flower Color Pink, red, salmon, white