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Ixora Flower plant (Pink) or Jungle Geranium

Ixora Flower plant (Pink) or Jungle Geranium

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Ixora Flower plant (Pink) – 1 pc

Grower black – 1 pc

  • About Plant- An Ixora is a beautiful flowering plant that why it attracts attention. Ixora plants are small shrubs that grow in subtropical regions. These plants feature large clusters of red, yellow, white, or orange flowers that emerge like puffballs from the evergreen leaves in the summer. Although they are relatively easy to grow outdoors, keeping an Ixora happy and blooming inside is a challenge even for an experienced gardener.


    Ixora Flower plant (Pink) Care


    Light- Ixora plants like bright light, but keep them away from direct sunlight in summer.


    Water- Keep the soil continuously moist, but reduce watering in the winter. Supply an environment with very high humidity.


    Temperature- Keep the temperature above 60 F even in winter. Try to avoid cold drafts if the temperature drops lower. This plant is often grown as an annual in temperate and cool climates.


    Soil- These acid-loving plants thrive in rich, moist, peat-based soil.


    Fertilizer- Feed in spring with slow-release pellets or weekly during the growing season with liquid fertilizer.


    Propagation- Take cuttings in the spring. Rooting Ixora is difficult, and you might need rooting hormone and bottom heat for success.


    Pruning an Ixora- Prune the Ixora plant after it blooms, and whenever the plant looks untidy. Ixora tolerates pruning and can be trimmed by several inches. 

    Flowers bloom on new growth, so pruning to encourage new growth increases the blooms on the plant.