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Jade Plant (Big Leaves)

Jade Plant (Big Leaves)

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Jade Plant (Big Leave) – 1 pc

Grower Black – 1 pc

  • About Plant- The jade plant is an extremely popular succulent houseplant with fleshy, oval-shaped leaves. Sometimes called the money plant or dollar plant, these plants were once thought to bring good luck to their owners so were often given as housewarming gifts.


    Jade Plant (Big Leaves) Care


    Light- Jade plants prefer full sun and like four or more hours of sunlight each day. They are best in a room with south-facing windows.


    Water- During the summer and spring, jade plants should be watered often so the soil is moist but not wet, making sure drainage is immaculate. Reduce watering to monthly in the winter.


    Temperature- Jade plants prefer average summer temperatures of 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. In winter, cool to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.


    Soil- A well-drained succulent mix is best, with an ideal pH of around 6.0 (slightly acidic).


    Fertilizer- Feed with a controlled-release fertilizer at the beginning of the season or weekly with a weak liquid solution.