Scented Rose - Flowering Plant

Scented Rose - Flowering Plant



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Rose Flowering Plant - 1pc

Grower Black – 1pc

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About Plants - This flowering plant give to your garden a beautiful look. 


Light- Roses do best in full sun but will tolerate light shade. However, full sun improves their blooms and general resistance to disease.

Soil- Roses like slightly acid soil (6.0 to 6.5 pH) that is rich in organic matter. Mulch the plants to cool the roots and conserve water. Add a three- to four-inch layer of mulch in the spring, when removing winter protection. In warmer climates, mulch when the leaf buds begin to swell.

Water- As with most garden plants, one to two inches of water per week is usually sufficient, but this varies by climate and growing conditions. Hot locations and sandy soil will need more frequent watering than cool, coastal regions. A simple rule is to water when the top three inches of soil are dry.

Fertilizer- Roses, being repeat bloomers, are heavy feeders and benefit from regular applications of fertilizer. Start in early spring, either a month before new growth or when you remove winter protection and continue feeding weekly or every other week depending on the fertilizer being used.


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