Sansevieria Ehrenbergii 'Banana'

Sansevieria Ehrenbergii 'Banana'



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Sansevieria Ehrenbergii 'Banana' – 1 pc

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Sansevieria ehrenbergii 'Banana' is a dwarf, slow-growing succulent with fat, boat-shaped leaves. It is called "Banana" because of its shape. Leaves are gray-green to blue-green, deeply channeled on the upper surface, and curved like a banana. 


Sansevieria Ehrenbergii Plant Care


Light- Place Sansevierias in moderately bright or filtered light. Good locations include a spot in front of a north-facing window or front of a bright, sunny window covered by a sheer curtain.


Soil- Sansevieria plants prefer a loose, well-drained potting mix. This plant will do well in sandier soils.


Water- Allow the soil to dry completely before watering, and then water deeply until water drips through the drainage hole. 


Temperature- Place Sansevieria in average room temperatures. Below 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius) cause of damage Plant.


Fertilizer- Feed the plant once every three weeks throughout the summer.


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