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Sedeveria Peckerwood Succulent

Sedeveria Peckerwood Succulent

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Sedeveria Peckerwood Succulent – 1 pc

Grower black – 1 pc

  • About Plant- Sedeveria Peckerwood beautifully combines green, purple, and pink for a beautiful cascading succulent. 'Peckerwood' grows new offsets from its stem and vase very easily. To keep your 'Peckerwood' growing happily, make sure if gets plenty of sunshine and a container with good drainage.


    Sedeveria Peckerwood Succulent Care


    Light- Sedeveria survives full sun to partial shade.


    Soil- This Plant need well-drained potting soil. Use a commercial succulent soil or make your own well-draining potting mix.


    Water- Little water needed once established.


    Hardiness- It thrives in hardiness zone 9-11.


    Fertilizer- Requires no fertilizer.