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Senecio Wax Ivy Plant Hanging

Senecio Wax Ivy Plant Hanging

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Senecio Wax Ivy Plant Hanging – 1 pc

  • About Plant- Senecio Wax Ivy is a beautiful foliage plant with succulent stems and waxy, ivy-like leaves. Also known as variegated senecio, it is related to the string of pearls plant. It is native to South Africa where it grows wild on the forest floor. Variegated senecio may surprise you with pale yellow, daisy-like flowers, and in bright sunlight, the stems and leaf edges take on a pink or purplish tint. You can plant in a hanging basket where the plump stems can cascade over the rim of the container.


    Senecio Wax Ivy Plant Care


    Light-If you want a plant's good growth, so keep in bright sunlight, but it can tolerate a bit of shade.


    Water- Give water when the soil is dry. Keeps the plant in a well-drained potting mix, the plant will die.


    Soil- Variegated ivy plant likes potting mix formulated for cacti and succulent.


    Temperature and Humidity- Temperatures should be between 40 F to 80 F (4 C to 24 C).


    Fertilizer- Senecio wax ivy plant requires very little fertilizer. Give fertilizer every other month from spring through fall. Use liquid fertilizer.


    Propagation- When a senecio wax vine becomes old and leaves goes to dry, propagate by taking tip cutting in spring from shoots that contain some green in the leaves. You can propagate by both water and soil.